Sirenis Membership kit

My Role: Freelance Art Direction, Production & Editing

While freelancing for a South Florida Multimedia and high-end packaging studio, I collaborated with the Creative Director to take the design of a digital vacation suite package and make it reality. High cost was not a concern producing this piece.

I engineered this packaging membership kit by doing the layouts for each piece to perfectly fit together. I also prototyped the package with cardboard and paper and coordinated with the printer how to execute complex finishes such as spot UV, embossing with metallic ink and additional materials specs such as the ribbon on the metal cover.


The images below illustrate how I  took each piece and specified dimensions, materials, finishes and die cut.


GE Fan Packaging Design for Home Depot

My Role: Freelance Art Direction, Production & Editing

While freelancing back in 2017, the ask was to brand and package fan and lighting accessories following the brand guidelines of GE and the retail guidelines for Home Depot. Client provided the fan images and GE logo to create a more contemporary look and feel to stand out on the shelf.

It was critical to visit the store a few times and observe the position of the boxes to make sure the packaging would stand out.

Also, the fan included an additional feature of "Plug and Play" that has to be displayed and explained to the shopper.

The last 2 images show a clamshell packaging with the Plug and Play product sold on its own. The second image is the proposed display following Home Depot Guidelines.


POP Header for Target Refrigerator

My Role: Art Direction, Design and Production

This refrigerator header was designed following the simple and contemporary Fresh Pet's style guidelines. The Store, Target, also has specific preferences and style guidelines for design to fit their retail space.

While freelancing at Pinnpoint Communications, I worked within the parameters and dimensions to create the header for the refrigerated pet food.

The most critical portion was the photo research because this is what engages cat and dog owners to approach and grab the product. The food photos, the logo and catch-phrase already existed. I was able to provide a few different die options and also different looks; playful, traditional pets and the more "rescue" pet look. In the end, they decided to use the more traditional pet photos.