RebornApp - Bicycle Parts Exchange and eCommerce experience

Reborn Lets Go is an eCommerce shop that sales bicycle accessories. The goal of doing the RebornApp is to connect cyclist to sell and buy used or new personal bike parts, accessories, whole bikes and exchange information on bike repair and riding.

The idea was born from observation of cyclist who are always exchanging ideas and tips in bike shops around the country. People gather to repair and tune their bikes and always discuss details that will make their bike better and their ride more enjoyable.

My role: Digital product design, ux research and analysis, competitor research, visual/ui design.

Below are early mobile wireframes exploring the most important portion of the app, signing in and going through a basic shopping task until completing an order.


The RebornApp Experience Design System and logo you will see a few images below were essential to build the brand and the consistency to have a smooth experience and a strong visual precense.


Med-fi wireframes of the landing page. All apps have the desktop counterparts even if we live in a mobile first environment. Exploring the landing pages is important because the shopper will be able to shop from their desktops if they are at work or just browsing on their laptops.


A simple task flow diagram for the signing on portion


Early lo-fi wireframe in balsamiq to define the content, structure, and layout of all the core screens in the application’s main sign-on path.


First sketches for personal use to define layout before defining content and images.


Design exploration from sketch, font testing and a few different iterations. The dragon is being reborn connects to the re-use of bicycle parts, components, etc. I did try other shapes but kept the dragon with circular movement like a wheel or bike chain.