Complex Funds Data Table Redesign

Clients don't know why the site doesn't work properly. The research for this portion included interviews and testing and it revealed that they have no choice but to complete their task with the current design.


The discovery started with experiencing competitor sites and getting honest responses from interviews of what advisors enjoy the most about those sites. Competitors: T Rowe, Black Rock, JP Morgan, Fidelity Investments and others.

You won't be seeing all the user research, sticky notes, proto-personas and journey maps that were created because of privacy. The last image offer a glance of in-progress work.

My role: Digital product design, ux research and analysis, competitor research, visual/ui design.

Before  mobile 

Data Table Mobile, Before

After  mobile 

Data Table Mobile, After

After improvements for mobile. Mobile navigation was never fully addressed on current experience.


Before and after improvements for mobile on screen. The card offers a collapse view of the card and you can enlarge quickly to view funds' most important info. The before you have to scroll through each fund.


77% agreed

from clients interviewed, they like working with the company but gave a lot of insights about technical issues and glitches that make them reluctant to use the site more often.

Before and after, improvements for desktop screen. The filters were disjointed and confusing having to jump from one section to the next.

Blue box with ticker attracted too much attention, advisors said they don't really look at this as much. 

The green was introduced for contrast, however, it added another visual cue and more distractions.

The list is too tight and makes it hard to stay with one item at a time. Advisors prefer seeing less funds on the screen and be able to read the data.



In the after, newer screen, all filters are unified. The blue is the cue for engagement.

There is a hierarchy of tabs and fonts making it easier to identify each step.

Chips are added to know which filters have been applied, these can be deleted one at a time or reset all at once.

Design can get messy before the final, you can see some design boards below with in-progress design work. Lots of research, discussions, feedback and not being afraid to iterate and continue the work.



Advisors, mainly institutional, are the main users of this site and this particular section. They review many different publications, investment sites, news feed and add to that personal queries and tasks they perform every day.

It is very important for them to have a consistent experience with color and click so they don't have to second guess the task. The white space and "breathing space" was well received through user testing.

Who are we designing for?
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