Hi, I am Patricia and I am digital product designer in Fort Lauderdale. I have a background in Industrial Design, Advertising and Psychotherapy. I grew up in a family of artists and designers. My days are filled with creation, curiosity for technology and interaction with people.
I studied industrial design and psychotherapy and the most common question is, why? Because understanding people is critical to creating useful and successful designs and experiences. I don't think design can exist without an interest for people and the world around us—technology is changing the way we learn, how we manage our lives and our decision making.
I strive for that balance between business strategy and creative design. I am hands-on and I believe designers are problem solvers first and the tools we use will be defined by the challenge we have in front of us.
I spend my days working on a new design or figuring out how to produce an existing design. Can be sketching, prototyping, doing research or just interviewing people to find out what engages them.
And yes, I love flamingos! 
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